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What's Your Life Purpose

Do you feel like you know your purpose in life? The "why" that drives you to wake up every day and fulfill your mission in life?

A few years ago I discovered mine. Being involved in ministry within the local church allowed me to identify my purpose in life. I knew I was called to serve women and girls.

It's my God given passion to equip other women and girls to discover their dream, purpose, and promise. It's what fuels my fire to keep moving forward.

But what happens when there's a shift in your life? You thought you had life figured out and out of no where chaos breaks out in your life - in your family, on the job, or within your mind. You no longer know who you are becoming because the chaos seems to disqualify you. At least that's what the enemy tells you.

But our purpose isn't defined by the chaos in our lives. Chaos is often used to grow us up in our faith - teaching us how to fight with faith. Your level of purpose isn't defined by your struggle but you ability to endure the process to get to your promise.

You see the enemy has a way of making us think we can never bounce back from adversity. That when chaos breaks out, our foundation is no longer intact. You know when life happens it seems like the solid foundation beneath you shifts.

All you can hear is the enemy saying. "You will fail." "Your foundation isn't strong enough."

But you can reach you purpose even when hard things happen because I've found that it leads us back to salvation in Christ Jesus. Also, I've learned that there are multiple levels of purpose in life. You can have different purposes, at different times. And you can have more than a single purpose at once.

And sometimes God needs to shake up our foundation to keep us from becoming comfortable on our journey. That He always has our attention (our hearts).

Life is about the journey to get to the promise.

And this journey requires perseverance and endurance.

And faith.

You have to level up in your faith. And learn to preserve through the chaos, so you can continue to walk in your purpose.

Although my purpose started out with the passion to empower women and girls, it has evolved into entrepreneurship, coaching women and men, ministry leader, etc.

Now, I want to hear from you. What is your purpose, either short-term or long-term.

What promises has God given you for your life?

Leave a comment and let me know.

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