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Majestic Daughters Mentorship Cohort 

Mentorship Cohort is designed to help you grow in your relationship with Jesus and with other Jesus-followers.

-Calandra M. Williams

About the Cohort 

Majestic Daughters Mentorship Cohort visionary Calandra Williams has a God given passion for every person to know who they really are, their potential in God and for people to become who they were created to be.

Calandra didn’t know her potential, nor did she have clarity about her purpose in life. The negative opinions of others had stifled her from believing in herself, and frustration took root. In 2014, she realized that her share of struggles was predestined to catapult her into sweet victory. 

God gave her a vision many years ago to mentor women and after much prayer and planning, she launched the Majestic Daughters Mentorship Cohort Program to come alongside the women assigned to her and help them grow in Jesus.

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Majestic Daughters Mentorship Cohort 

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You have the potential to be a leader and influencer but aren't quite there yet. 

You are willing to listen to feedback and make changes to improve. 

You walk in humility and express a desire for personal growth. 

You have a relationship with Jesus, even if you are just starting out. 

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You are committed to leveraging your life experiences to influence others.

Winter 2022

Upcoming Cohort

January 2022

Application Deadline

December 15, 2021

Kickoff Meeting | Janurary

Story Retreat - Identity | February 

Influence | August 

Commencement  Retreat | September 

Program Cost 


Our Majestic Daughters Mentorship Cohort is a 9-month on-line program designed to offer support to empower you to unlock your potential individually and collectively with other women. The  environment is cultivated for women like you to be real, share your stories, and find encouragement. Once you join the cohort, you will have the support you need to experience significant spiritual growth so that you can become the Godly woman for the community assigned to you. 


Theology | March

Grace | April 

Prayer | May 

Purpose  | July 

Godly Character  | June


"Best Gift" Donation Model

Suggested Donation Range: $25-250

As a non-profit ministry, we believe mentorship should be  accessible to every woman who desires spiritual growth to discover her true beauty and power in Jesus.


 We use a “best gift” donation model. The suggested donation ranges are indeed suggestions for you to put before the Lord to support our ministry’s work. 

Donate to the “Majestic Daughters Mentorship Cohort Program” Fund a one-time or recurring gift to support our work. 

let's work

Let's get you on the road to a fulfilling life!



We will meet three times during the program. These meetings will enable you to seek counsel and share aspects of your growth, as well as to inform me on how to best support your success. 




We will connect monthly  with each other throughout the program to develop community and receive specific strategies in areas where individualized mentoring may not be sufficient. 





We will host and attend workshops addressing developing character excellence, personal, professional and spiritual development, and mental and physical wellness. 


here's what women are saying


Calandra Williams has been nothing but a joy to work with. She is knowledgeable and knows what it is that she's supposed to be doing in the Kingdom. I am glad that God placed her in my life during a time when I was lost and didn't know which way to go. She has helped me to grow spiritually and to step out on faith and not be afraid of the calling that's on my life. Calandra will help you get to your next!


Calandra is a very  knowledgeable and caring person. She has helped me grow my business with words of encouragement, prayer, and business advice. If you want to be motivated to reach your goals and educated on how to get there she is your go to person. 

Sheresa D. 

Words can not express how Mrs. Williams guidance in mentorship has changed my life for the better. I appreciate her willingness to invest in others, share skills and knowledge, her mentorship, will forever be valued and cherished. 

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