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Pruning Has A Purpose.

I was sitting at my desk working and this dropped in my spirit, “The pruning season is necessary.” I’m learning that in order to maintain healthy spiritual growth in God, you must go through pruning seasons.

We often see the act of pruning with landscaping. This process can be physically demanding. But you must prepare and plan for this to be successful. This is crucial for God’s daughters to maintain our spiritual growth in Christ.

According to Jesus in John 15:2, “Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit He takes away; and every branch that bears fruit He prunes that it may bear more fruit.”

What is Pruning?

To trim (a tree, shrub, or bush) by cutting away dead or overgrown branches or stems, especially to increase fruitfulness and growth.

Why is Pruning Necessary?

It’s important to know why and what needs to be pruned in your life. What are you trying to achieve? There are many reasons to prune, but here are some of mine:

  1. Maintain spiritual health and growth

  2. Always cut out dead, dying, diseased or damaged character flaws, relationships, etc.

  3. Remove conflicting theologies or learned behaviors.

  4. Maintain living a spirit led life within the framework of the scriptures and godly principles.

  5. Remove unwanted tasks, projects, or assignments that don’t align with the purposes of God for the new season.

  6. Control the amount of access others may have to you, which is setting boundaries.

  7. Maintain your posture in prayer and fasting

When to Prune?

Pruning at the wrong time can be detrimental and yield undesirable results. The right time to prune depends on the season you are embarking upon. You can only discover this in prayer and fasting. It’s makes you sensitive to what the Lord is revealing about the purposes and plans that He has for your life. Your pruning is specific to what God needs to produce out of you.

This process is often neglected. Some of us need a severe pruning before we step into our next. Just maybe that is why some things are delayed in our lives. You don’t have to wait until a certain time of the year to do this. You can do this anytime to remove damaged, dead or diseased parts that no longer serve a purpose.

Pruning is Rejuvenating

The cutting away doesn’t always look or feel good. It yields an uncomfortable feeling, especially when what you thought you needed thins out. This will only strengthen you and help to maintain your connection to Jesus Christ. It helps us to remain in relationship with the source of life.

Pruning Tools

Last but not least, you need the right tools before you can prune. Don’t do this a part from the Holy Spirit. The devil doesn’t want you to bear fruit. If you are connected to the vine, Jesus, you ought to be fruitful. The pruning process is for you to be more fruitful. Live a spirit lead life that comprises prayer, fasting, bible study, meditating on the scriptures, attending church services, godly mentors and friendships.


Heavenly Father, we call you holy, Lord God almighty. We come before you repenting of our sins. We invite you in to prune us in this season. Cut off everything that is not like you and that no longer serves a purpose in our life. You are our strength like no other, and we need you to survive. We desire to be fruitful and multiply for your name sake. May we remain in you all the days of our lives. In Jesus’ name amen!

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