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let's grow

Let's get you on the path to discovering your purpose!


Let’s discover your purpose in God and the way He desires to use you to impact the world around you. Your purpose aligns with the dreams and ideas that God has planted within you - to birth something great out of you that will change the trajectory of your life.

Say no to putting yourself off 

You are valuable! You are important! You matter! God has imprinted His purposes on your heart to dig deep to discover your why. 

​I am excited to see you grasp the concept that you are needed in the kingdom of God. Within you lies gifts and talents that have been waiting to be unleashed. Now is the time and season to break forth. 

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lets grow

Are you ready to push to the next level of growth?

If you work with me, I am going to push you to places that make you uncomfortable with the complacency of where you are now. I want to see the fullness of God’s glory revealed through your life. I'm coachng you to birth the multi gifted and talented version of who you are and for you to show up authentically and unapologetically.

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Here's how you can discover more.

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Mentorship Cohort

A program designed to offer support to empower you to unlock your potential individually and collectively with other women. 

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Breathe Again Series 

Breathe Again Series is a series of free virtual bible studies to help you embrace the power, pursuit and purposes of Christ. 


Breathe Again Conference

The conference is a God breathed experience to revive and save the souls of God's people to breathe again. 

let's discover

Let's get you on the road to a fulfilling life!


Our Majestic Daughters Mentorship Cohort is a 9-month on-line program designed to offer support to empower you to unlock your potential individually and collectively with other women. 

The 2022 cohort  program opens in January  of 2022. Application Deadline December 15, 2021 Program Cost: $0 



We will  three times during the program. These meetings will enable you to seek counsel and share aspects of your growth, as well as to inform me on how to best support your success. 




We will connect monthly  with each other throughout the program to develop community and receive specific strategies in areas where individualized mentoring may not be sufficient. 





We will host and attend workshops addressing developing character excellence, personal, professional and spiritual development, and mental and physical wellness. 


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