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Meet the founder Calandra!


After experiencing much childhood trauma. "I thought I was created to be abused." But God transformed me from the brokenness, the fatherless experience, teen pregnancy, sexual and domestic abuse and gave me a story to share with other women of how to rise above adversity and evolve into who God created me to be.

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What is Majestic Daughters Empowerment? 


We are a community for women who desire to unlock their hidden potential. At Majestic Daughters Empowerment, we help you strategize your success both naturally and spiritually. Every woman has a purpose, and our mission is to help you discover it. We provide the tools for you to excel beyond adversity and enhance your spiritual growth. We are excited to partner with you!

Calandra Williams

I am Calandra, your discovery partner!

I am grateful for the ministry God has entrusted me with. When I discovered Him, He gave me the anointing to support your goals and visions, to see you shine and for you to pursue your purpose. God has given me the blueprint to create safe spaces for me to not only celebrate your wins, but to support you in those dark moments. 

A discovery partner accepts and embraces all aspects of you. The dark and the light. The perfect and imperfect. They come along to align you with your unique truth. We are going to uncover the cycles and patterns that are holding you back. Inviting the Holy Spirit in to heal the parts of you that block you from receiving the fullness of what God has for you. You need clarity to understand experiences and to allow God to unfold your beauty and power in Him. I am ready to pour into you! 

My christian values

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I am on a continuous journey of seeking the face of God through prayer, the bible and worship to grow deeper in the knowledge of who He is. 



I have to make sure I stay connected to the Father, so that my faith never wavers in times of uncertainty.


Learning to love people beyond what I see and extending just as much grace as the Father extends to me.


I am involved in many projects that give back to the community through feeding programs, missions, and evangelism to reach the lost. 

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Are you ready to receive what Jesus wants to reveal to you? 

You’ve read a snippet of my testimony, but at the core, I accepted Jesus to be the King of my heart. I had to admit that I was a sinner, repent of my sins and renounce the sin in my life. You can take these same steps today to discover the true beauty and power in your relationship with God.


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