3 Ways to Fulfill God's Purpose on Your Life

God has given each of us a vision for our lives. Through prayer is how we have access to the vision. Relationship with him is what unlocks the door of opportunity which God has already promised to us as his children. You’re anointed for the position. Don’t allow the enemy to tell you different. He we have you doubting if you are capable or have the abilities to fulfill your destiny. He will condemn you based on your past failures and make you feel disqualified. Let me remind you that God qualifies the called. You are called by God.

The enemy doesn’t stop at just feeding your mind with lies. He will place lustful temptations in front of your eyes. Opportunities for success will appear promising as if this is God’s plan. But if you unlock that door without seeking Gods plan you could abort the mission. The enemy wants you to see worldly things as appeasing – the things which satisfy the flesh. What God has for you is purpose filled and anointed.