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Why You Shouldn't Care What Others Think

Have you ever been in the place of caring what others think about you?

I know many struggle with this but never share out of fear of judgement. I used to be the girl that desired to meet the expectations of others out of fear that they wouldn’t accept me. I was terrified of their negative opinions and perceptions.

Since I was a child, I always knew I was different. There was something within me that would never allow me to mingle with the crowd. Don’t get me wrong, I did try my best to fit in with the crowd but before long it would be exposed that I was set apart. The way I saw life was different, my hopes and dreams were always bigger, and I always had a desire to help people.

Fast forward to now, as much as people sees my outward success by hosting conferences, writing books, running a business I still must fight back the carnal thoughts of preparing myself for what others truly think about me. People will always have positive and negative things to say about you.

Positive people: “You’re doing a great job!”

Negative people: “You do too much…”

I used to cringe hearing people tell me, “you’re always busy” and I always go home and try to find ways to clear my schedule. Then I had to stop doing this because they had no idea the time I had wasted before Christ doing absolutely nothing. They had no idea the ideas that God has given me that I wasn’t even embracing because I felt inadequate to do them all because I was worried about the opinions of what others would think.

I always felt different but the more you pursue purpose you will often feel isolated. This is a topic that most don’t talk about – this soul journey is often lonely.

To one crowd of people that may see you as doing too much but you must be okay with that. Even those with negative opinions of you are often really inspired that you are doing the very thing they want to do. Negative feedback exposes those that are really for you. Keep moving forward!

To the crowd that celebrates your braveness – appreciate them some truly understand that celebrating others is no crime and doesn’t diminish their light. Those that cheer for you see you as a resource and a beacon of light to this dark world.

Negative people aren’t a reflection of who you are, its just one person’s opinion.

You can’t make the whole world happy, right? But guess what?


Your job is to do exactly what God has told you to do.

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