What You Do Is Not About You

As you begin the process of creating a personal brand you will find so many tips, tricks, and advice coming from all different directions. I could spend time in this article teaching you about marketing and design appeal because I have a background in marketing and graphic design. Here is this issue, it doesn’t matter how or what you do when it comes to branding yourself unless you remember one very important thing: RELATIONSHIPS.

The basis of your entire work/brand should be founded on building a relationship with others. It doesn’t matter how well dressed you are, what you know, what you have to offer, what good stuff you do, how nice your website is, your lifestyle adventures, etc. People want sincerity, transparency, genuine concern, love, honesty, loyalty, integrity, positivity, and value. All those things are part of building a solid, genuine relationship. How far you want your brand to go will ultimately be about who you are on the inside and your service to others.