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The Truth About Fear

It was a humid summer Friday evening in July. I had had just gotten off work and it was time for some weekend fun. Earlier that day, I had been dealing with the struggle of fear. In the back of my mind I really wanted to leave my job and branch out to do something I’m very passionate about.

On this day, the thoughts weighed heavy on my mind. The what if’s and how’s started to deteriorate my vision. I was afraid, “What if it doesn’t turn out how I envisioned? “or “How will I obtain the resources?”

Everyone in my family would say you have to put your faith over your fear and to be honest I was failing at this strategy. When I got off, I proceeded to meet up with the rest of my family. We were headed to this fun resort that’s 45 minutes away. Need I remind you, we arrived at the location all at the same time.

On our way, we stopped to pick up another family member and what happened afterwards was the unthinkable. We traveled a different route. We traveled on this curvy 2 lanes back road that is surrounded with trees and absolutely no street lights. It was late in the evening, so it was starting to get dark. I was afraid because I was very unfamiliar with the road and driving on the back-roads in the country, you may possibly hit a deer crossing the street.

Anxiety and fear began to sink in once again. “Why are we going this way”, I thought to myself? Twenty minutes went by and I’m almost car sick from the anxiety and constant curves the route consisted of and when I looked up; I saw lights. Not head lights from another vehicle, but it was the lights from the resort. Wait, what? “We’re here”, I shouted! “Well yes!”, my mom replied.

“Sometimes the road less traveled will get you to your destination (purpose) quicker than any other way!” -God

How could that be possible, it usually takes us 45 minutes. Then God spoke to me and said, “Sometimes the road less traveled will get you to your destination (purpose) quicker than any other way!” In order to take the road LESS traveled you must be #FEARLESS.

I always thought of the word fearless as meaning being without fear, having no fear, but God said although not having any fear would be great, we are in the flesh. Which means we are bound to become afraid, but in order to work in our purpose we must fear less than the ones who don’t know God! I’m unsure of what the future holds, but I do know I will take the road less traveled (God’s Path) and go with a little fear. Are you #FEARLESS?

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