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🤯 The Need for Awe 🤯

Every morning you open your eyes - seize the opportunity to breathe in the sweet gift of life! It's a moment you should never take for granted, and the breath in your lungs proves that the Lord has blessed you with a brand new day to fulfill your purpose in Him.

Never fear the uncertainty of the day ahead; instead, embrace every challenge with excitement, knowing full well that the hand of the Almighty is upon your life. Though you may be unsure of what's coming your way, rest assured that you are in His hands, and everything will be alright.

As the day progresses, you will see the magnificent way God has maneuvered you through every obstacle with His guiding hand. No matter how tumultuous those moments were, good or bad, you will look back and see how it all worked to your benefit.

May you wake up every day, find yourself in complete awe of the majesty and power of God, ever so grateful for every moment of life, and never wallow in pain or problems. Go forth and conquer, for you are mighty in His name!

Don't allow the worries of this world to consume you! It's time to surrender to the Holy Spirit and listen to His voice. The world around us is full of wondrous beauty, and we must take a moment to appreciate it. Open your eyes to the opportunities available - something is amazing on the horizon for all of God's daughters! Let's take advantage of what He has in store for us!

Are you ready to pray? It's time to ask God to show you His plans for this season and remain in awe of Him. Meditate on His Word and let it strengthen your spirit. Take a step back and reflect on all that you're grateful for. Find an active space where you can bask in the glory of God and allow Him to speak to your heart. It's not a complex process, but it will change how you see God, yourself, and those around you. Get ready for a transformation!

Embrace a prayer life with intention this season, and cultivate a heart of gratitude. Be vigilant of the transformations happening on this earth, and let that spur you to pray fervently like never before. Through prayer, discover your remarkable moments and witness how God gently whispers to your soul along the way, leaving you in awe.

Journal Prompt: Describe a time you were awestruck. What did it teach you about God and His character? Journal your thoughts.

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