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The Divine Appointment

Have you ever had a divine appointment? I have. Divine appointments are meetings arranged by the Holy Spirit with people that have something in them that you need in you.

How many of these appointments have you missed? Maybe you missed it because you were too distracted by the cares of this world.

In this season, we must be focused to not miss the appointment God has specifically schedule with us. Abraham in Genesis Chapter 18:1-2 experienced a divine appointment with God himself.

Do you know when the Lord has appeared before you? Abraham was sitting at the entrance of his tent at approx 3pm which is the heat of the day and the Lord appeared. When he looks up he sees three men standing near by. According to the Thomas Nelson Women's Study Bible, it is believed that these three men could have been God himself. Abraham quickly moves to meet them and bows low to the ground.

Abraham could have doubted if he saw the Lord, he could have sent the three visitors away but he welcomed them.

To have the same response that Abraham had when the Lord appears before you - you must be in relationship with Him. Constantly in prayer with Him by drowning out the noise of the distractions. Sometimes we have to learn how to sit in a place of solitude to see what God is up to. Often we do all the talking but never do we stop and listen to what the spirit is saying.

Is your atmosphere conducive to receive a visitation from the Lord? Are you busy like Martha? I believe from studying the scriptures that Abraham's environment was welcoming for the Lord to visit him. God will not stop by your house and deliver a word if your environment is filled with chaos and dysfunction.

This is a season to be spiritually aware of God's presence in our lives. Understand that a visitation from the Lord means that you have found favor in His sight. Genesis 18:3 He said, "If I have found favor in your eyes, my lord, do not pass your servant by.

Favor from God will always change your life for the better. Encounters from God shifts the atmosphere and catapults us to the next dimension of greatness. Don't miss your divine appointment in this season of your life.

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