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Stay the Course

Psalms 119: 1 . Blessed are the undefined in the way, who walk in the law of the Lord.

Have you ever been so hungry in a drive through line waiting for your food? I vividly remember coming home at 8pm from working a 12-hour shift. It was one of those days where you feel like you’re swimming and can barely keep your head above water.

During the entire shift I was so wrapped up with taking care of my patients and charting information that I forgot to think about myself, which in return resulted in me not eating or using the restroom. By the time I realized that I hadn’t eaten it was already 7pm - the end of my shift.

I clocked out and began my 45-minute commute back home to pick up my daughter from her dad. During my drive home, my mind was racing. My mind began to contemplate on what time I would make it home, how long it would take for me to give my 2-year-old daughter a bath, eat “dinner” and still put her to bed at a decent hour.

I stated to myself, “There is no way I have time to do all of this,” So I decided I would just grab something quick to eat once I made it back. Yes, I made it within 30 minutes of my 45-minute commute. I had an extra 15 minutes to finish a few tasks.

I picked up my daughter and we made it to McDonald’s. The line was long and their drive through was made with one way in and one way out. I think McDonald’s does this on purpose, but that’s another story. So yes we had finally made it to grab something quick to eat - so I thought.

I placed the order and then boom, the line suddenly stopped moving! I had been so busy throughout that entire day that I didn’t have time to reflect on my own hunger. Sitting in the drive through line quickly brought me back to reality. My stomach began to roar, and I became nauseated from not eating.

Lord God please, please let this line go quickly I’m starving I began to cry out! My daughter was looking at me like I was going insane. Even though I was so hungry, I began contemplating to leave out of the line because I felt I couldn’t endure the wait.

Have any of you felt this way? It was in this very moment God spoke to me and said, “Even though you haven’t made it to the window yet, you are yet so close. Don’t you think it will be so foolish to leave when you're right there at your blessing?!”

A part of you just wants to drive off, but then you will soon realize that you would still be hungry and disappointed in yourself for leaving or giving up. God also said to me, “This drive through is symbolic to you in your spiritual life, I have you stagnant for a reason, I have you in a one way in, one way out spiritual walk as well. By keeping you stagnant I am producing patience in you. This seed of patience that I’m producing inside of you is a vital key in where I’m going to take you next. So, keep the faith. No matter if you're one car away, three or five cars away your blessing is right there in front of you. Stay the course!”

I began to feel the Holy Spirit move in me that night like never before. Maybe it was intentional that I hadn’t eaten at all day. Maybe it was a part of God’s plan. Maybe he had set me to put me in a position of fasting, so I could hear his voice clearly and concisely in that moment. Whatever the case was, I stayed the course, and I continue to stay the course.

God blessed me with those words and He is encouraging me to tell you that you as well should stay the course he has set out for you. No matter how stuck you may seem, how far away you may seem, stay the course because your blessing is right ahead of you!

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