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Sleeping in the Lines: 4 Ways to Wake Your Dreams for Success

"There is so much that I want to do, but I'm not ever going to make it."

These were once my thoughts. My head was full and I couldn't think clearly. It was time to get my life in order. I had goals to accomplish and ideas that needed to breathe. But how would I get there? I decided to get my dreams and ideas out of my head and onto paper. This would solve the problem, right?

I bought 3 notebooks and labeled them personal, family, and business. I made a list of everything that I wanted to accomplish. I even made it more official by writing down dates and times. I was pumped about what was in store for me. Then fear crept in, followed by doubt, worry and concern about what others would think. Afterwards, my being pumped turned into me feeling dumped. Has this ever happened to you?

I became sad, confused, and unclear. I felt like a failure. I became, what I like to call, a "PAPER DREAMER". All of my dreams were sleeping in the lines of my college-ruled paper, just waiting on me to take a step. What I had to do was really learn to believe in myself and my ability to succeed. I began to truly seek God and also received a push of motivation from my son. I made the conscious decision to not live my life in regret. I didn't know if I would succeed or fail, but I knew that I was going to try. If failure was the outcome, I would just try again. One quote that I try and live by is as follows:

"It's ok to fail. If I fail, at least I know I tried to do something. If I don't try to do anything, nothing will ever happen" ~Jay Anise

I want to share with you 4 steps that can be implemented in your life to help you reach your fullest potential.

1. Dream Bigger

How often do you minimize your capabilities by maximizing your comparison to another's person's success? You are not meant to walk in anyone else's shoes. You don't have to be like anyone else to reach your dreams. You have your own path to follow and it may not be an easy route. And just because another is succeeding doesn't mean that you will fail. The best gift you can offer this world is the gift of being YOU! YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH!

How often do you settle for accomplishing smaller dreams because you feel like larger dreams are not attainable? I was once the master of self sabotage! I didn't think highly of myself and for that reason I always felt stuck. I knew I was meant to do more, but I wasn't sure that I could. Therefore, I never even tried. I didn't feel worthy or valuable. It's sounds cliche' but so true that you can do anything you put your mind to. YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH!

How often do you belittle your dreams because someone else doesn't believe in you? Everyone won't support you. Everyone won't offer words of encouragement or understand your vision. God has a plan for your life and everyone doesn't have to get it. Whether you have people in your corner or not, you are still capable of succeeding. You must first, however, believe in yourself. YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH!

Now I have repeated this same statement three times, so I pray you've gotten it. However this time I want you to say it out loud, "I AM GOOD ENOUGH!".

Dream so big that it scares and excites you all at the same time. Dream so big that it doesn't fit on wide-ruled or college-ruled paper. Dream so big that you need a poster board to hold it all, maybe even two or three. Don't limit yourself and your possibilities due to fear or doubt. You hold the power over your life. All you have to do is try.

2. Get Out of Bed (Take Action)

What good does it do to have all of these great ideas written down if you never do anything with them? Don't be a "paper dreamer". Now it's time to wake those ideas up and take action. Get them off of the lines and put some work behind it. There will be no results without implementation. Your dreams will sleep until you have put forth effort to make them rise. Don't allow them to lie in slumber any longer. Change your life...change the world, one dream at a time. And I know you have many because you filled up a poster board, right?

3. No, Not Never

Rejection feels like the end of the world doesn't it? It hurts when we are told no. When my son Kalib was three years old, he would shed a waterfall of tears if I told him that he couldn't play on his tablet. He began to cry immediately at the word no, which caused him to miss me saying not right now. Then he assumed he could never play with it, so he never did. There are better results when patience is applied.

Are you so hung up on the NO that you're missing the NOT RIGHT NOW? No you can't say that you're in a relationship Right Now. No you can't start that business Right Now. No you don't have all of the resources Right Now. That doesn't mean you never will! Even though you want all of the answers and rejection can be difficult, God has already worked it out. There is a time that he has specified for things to occur in your life. Again, patience yields better results.

Sometimes we don't even try because we THINK the answer will be no. That fear can lead to a missed blessing. My heart used to beat extremely fast when I had to ask a yes or no question and I wasn't sure what the response would be. Then I began to speak this to myself, "They can only say yes or no. And if the answer is no, I will just have to find another way.". Remember the quote from earlier, "If I don't try to do anything, nothing will ever happen.". Don't focus so much on the NO, that you miss the NOT RIGHT NOW.

4. Faith It Until You Make It

Last bit definitely not least, you have to have faith that all things are working for your good. I once tried to handle situations on my own, carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. I had a negative mindset towards myself and downplayed my ability to start my own business. I endured an unnecessary struggle by not leaning solely on God. The burden was lifted when I turned it over to him. When things get tough, pray. When your life seems perfect, praise him. When you don't know where to turn, study his word. There is peace when we say yes to the Lord!

No matter what you are going through or what is holding you back, God will never leave you lonely. When your dreams seem too far away or you don't have clarity, talk to God. I was confused about my direction at one point, so I became still. God led me. God protected me. God comforted me. God answered ALL of my questions. If you faith it, you will definitely make it!

You have magnificent dreams. You are good enough and God is on your side! It's time wake them up! Are you ready?

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