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Rose Colored Glasses…

This will be very short, because this is something just to make you think. Ask yourself questions after this blog. Journal about it, then revisit it later when you hit a crossroad.

When we talk vision we have to also talk perception. Looking towards our future gives everyone a different feeling. Some are excited, some are skeptical, some are afraid and others don’t care to look now or later. Most of us tend to look through lenses that we hope, pray or wish that thing with turn out the way we desire. ‘Looking through Rose Colored Glasses’... When we use these lenses are we hindering ourselves from working harder towards our goals? Are we not focused on achieving that new position, the new home (house or apartment), to improve our relationship or remove ourselves from toxic ones.

I too have worn these glasses more times than I care to mention. I have come to realize that I did myself more harm than good when trying to make everything appear to be alright when in actuality it was the total opposite. I didn’t want to face my reality so I refused to take things at face value. My vision was obscured by these rose colored lenses.

So how do we get past the ‘tinted’ vision? You remove the glasses and realize that somethings are just exactly what they are. I believe it was Mya Angelo that said “When someone shows you who they are believe them; the first time.” I believe that to be true at least 97% of the time. I believe you can also apply this to your situations and everyday acts. Why!? Because when we come to a crossroad we see our options and let’s just say we KNOW we should go right, but left looks better and it causes us to make a bad decision.

So starting today are you going to remove your Rose Colored Glasses? Are you ready for clear vision? Remember you may not like what you see, but sometimes facing your reality is easier than living the lie we create from our ‘tinted’ lenses.

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