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Queenin'.... is to be Set Apart

“Our royal position carries the weight of his glory to access spiritual territory assigned to us," -Dr. Kimberly Ellison

To be set apart is to know and understand the assignment God has given you. When you are set apart, you have no room for competition because God has called you to be in a lane of your own.

Honestly, it took me some time to realize I was set apart. It took me some time to discover my why and every day I am learning. In the journey of tracking my growth, I realize that I walk this world differently because I know I am set apart and to be set apart is to know that God has already confirmed me.

He confirmed my purpose

He confirmed my why

He confirmed my future

He went before me.... and confirmed me

What sets me apart is my why and how. My why is to educate individuals on how God creates, covers, carries and crowns them in personal, professional and mentor-mentee development. My how is through blogging, speaking, mentoring, and any other avenue that God gives me.

I am on this Earth to provide jewels of knowledge and wisdom to create crowning moments and inspire others to do the same.

That’s what sets me apart

That’s my confirmation

That’s my God-given assignment

It is not your job, your social -economic status, not your political affiliation that set you apart. It is the matter of the heart, the way you treat people, the heart to serve and to fulfill the promise that God has on your life.

Now it’s YOUR turn

What’s your why

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