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Power Play Radio Interview

Majestic Daughters Empowerment launched the 1st Quarter of 2018. As we diligently working to reach more people in the community. We are constantly building relationships and connecting with other organizations as well.

Kimbely Rankin, Kiara Giles, Calandra M. Williams, Gena Irby Hil

This past Sunday we had the opportunity to have a radio interview with Mind Body and Soul hosted by Gena Irby Hill.

We had a great time sharing the mission and vision of Majestic Daughters Empowerment. We also shared our testimonies and why we are so passionate about empowering minority women.

Did you miss the interview?

Behind every successful woman is a tribe that of other successful women, who have her back.

This is one quote that motivates us to continue to do what we do daily. Realizing that support fuels the fire for the next woman to be successful and build her empire. That she (we) can't do this without each other. We were designed to collaborate and build each other up.

Check out the interview

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