Last year God told me to rewrite the first book I self-published, From Distractions to Focus. This book was birthed from a blog I wrote for Married and Young. When I started writing the book, I knew I wanted to share my truth on the struggles I encountered while dating, going through a divorce, other childhood issues, etc.,

The first time I wrote the book I felt inadequate and the thought of rewriting it gave me anxiety. "Will people think I’m crazy for rewriting this book? Will people support me? Does what I have to say matter?"

My first book didn’t reflect my brand. The cover of my book was terrible, and I felt like because I didn’t know what to ask for, I settled for the first thing I got. I was excited just to go through the process. As they old folk say, “Experience is the best teacher.” Boy did I learn a lot.

Rewriting this book stretched me in ways that I never imagined. I stopped, I started and all because I wanted it to be perfect – not one mistake was acceptable. The perfectionist side of me had taken over and I was overwhelmed with the entire process. Every time I would pick up the manuscript and reread it, I would find tones of mistakes to the point I would stop working on the book.

This happened for almost a year. Until about a month ago, I went to a networking event and heard a lady testify about her experience with writing her book. She talked about being a perfectionist and how she worried what others would think. I sat across the room realizing I was supposed to be at this event. God wanted me to know, “Stop trying to be perfect!”

Perfection had crippled me in so many areas of my life including being obedient to what God had told me to do. I was struggling with this entire process, but I still heard God calling me to finish the book.

Fast forward to a week ago, I was watching a live video on Facebook and this young lady’s topic is about “Tired of Being Almost There.”

I just couldn’t get around finishing this project. He wanted me to finish what I had started, let go of perfectionism, and trust the process. Perfection robs us of walking by faith, it cripples us with fear of the unknown and hinders of from fulfilling our destiny.

“STOP!” I had to tell myself to STOP trying to be perfect. You’re not perfect, you’re going to make mistakes but that’s how you learn. Most importantly that’s how you grow. This week I released my new book, From Distractions to Focus. It’s inspiring and I hope it changes the lives of those who read it. It felt good to finish what I had started and that my Father was pleased with my obedience.

What I would discover is because I finished the book it gave others the hope to start their book or to even finish the books they were writing. See the faith journey is never about you, its for someone else to have hope.

Whatever project God has told you to start or finish – JUST DO IT!

Reply to let me know what you’re committing to start or finish. I’d love to keep you accountable.

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