As I considered the topic of this blog my pen immediately began to move and a poem was born. That is where I will start today. It is entitled "My Sisters".

"If we stand as one, more gets done. When there's no competition, there is less division. We don't have to knock each other down to rise to the top. For our assignments have already been designed by God. Loose fear, anxiety, and negativity from your mind. From our sisters we must no longer hide. Ashamed of our journeys, masking our true selves. Running from our identities because to fit in we are compelled...To be better, but not for us, for the benefit of everyone else. So the world THINKS that we thrive, as who we truly are collects dust while sitting on a shelf. My sisters, allow me to help remove those artificial layers. You must strive with all of your might to let them go. For we are not meant to do life alone. There is power in our testimonies from our experiences and pain. There is uplift through our struggles, there is sunshine through our rain. My sisters, as we empower one another and spark our inner strength...We become unstoppable, when facing the enemy WE DO NOT FLINCH. As we support one another, building from the ground up, we ignite a flame...That burns a light into any darkness that once consumed our names. WITH NO COMPETITION THERE IS NO DIVISION. We are a force when we are united. As we stand as one, elevation takes place with God as the head of our lives, and holding the hands of our sisters by our side..left and right...WE RISE. We are all one in Jesus Christ. MY SISTERS."

~ Jay Anise

There is strength and power in unity, and I am now a strong believer in women empowerment. It is a passion of mine to see us grow, encourage, and restore one another. Though it is of extreme importance to me now, it has not always been this way. Let me explain.

In school I was a little nerdy, corny, and "lame"...with a sense of fashion that was not exactly the best. I definitely was no Tyra Banks. I wanted to be one of the beautiful, popular girls that were cool with everyone, but that was not me. I didn't understand at the time that I couldn't "fit in" because God had his hands on me. GOD COULDN'T FIT EVERYTHING THAT HE HAD PLANNED FOR MY LIFE INTO THE MENTALITY IN WHICH I CARRIED. I didn't understand that I was perfect just the way I was. It didn't hit me that I didn't have to be like a fashion icon to be beautiful, JASMINE WAS ALREADY BEAUTIFUL (and you can replace my name with yours). You are already enough as you are! I wasn't completely my true self around the friends I had because I wasn't sure if I would be accepted. I never talked down on another girl or degraded anyone's character, but I wanted to be like them so much that I lost myself in the comparison.

A sisterhood is a bond created by girls or women that are able to uplift one another and be truthful. It is a relationship that harbors positivity, growth, accountability, and strength. It is a connection that brings light into the darkness and clarity into a confused mind. How could I uplift another woman if I didn't know who I was? How could I contribute to a sisterhood if I was pushing everyone away due to my insecurities? BUT GOD.

When I began to let God into my life, I began to love myself. Instead of being intimidated and shrinking in a room full of women, I began to speak up. By doing this I have formed life long relationships with amazing people. I stopped shying away from what once frightened me and put myself in positions where I would be forced to level up. I became involved in organizations and attended different conferences or retreats that allowed me to connect with other women. I am a member of Delta Sigma Theta, which is one of the greatest sisterhoods I have experienced. Through my connections I have been able to be vulnerable, and through my vulnerability I have found freedom. I have freedom from pain, insecurity, doubt, and low self esteem. If it tries to creep back in, I lean on my God and my sisters to hold me accountable.

See we don't know what another person may be dealing with, but by sharing our stories we have the ability to help someone that may be feeling alone and defeated. We may be able to pour life into someone who is on the verge of giving up. Now that I've grown, I know the importance of loving, uplifting, and supporting other women. Whether I know you or not, you are my sister and I am here for you. You are not alone. I am on a continuous mission, everyday, to become closer to God. God is love. You are loved. I love you all.

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