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Messy Situations Still Testify

Just the other day, I was chatting with my 19-year-old daughter about a particular situation that she was going through. As I listened to her, I shared a piece of my story. I felt lead to share because what she was facing had similarities to the situation I had been through.

As you read today, be prepared to share your mess with somebody.

Let's go!

My car was reposed while I was at work. It was downright embarrassing!

I remember it so clearly; I had my keys in my hand getting ready to leave from work, when I noticed an empty parking spot. I knew it; they had finally picked it up. Now it made sense why everyone was staring at me in the office and the CEO asking me if I was okay.

I slowly turned around, walked back to my desk filled with shame and plopped down in my chair. Tears filled my eyes, but I couldn't let them fall because I needed a solution. I did what I knew best; I called on my best friend to come pick me up from work. She came right on and didn't even ask what was wrong, it's as if she knew. In her car that day, she had gospel music playing as we rode in silence to my apartment.

I'm telling you this because this was a messy situation that I created. I didn't pay the car note and there was no legitimate excuse for it because I had the finances to cover it. I just didn't do what I was supposed to do.

Let me encourage you!

Let no one deceive you in thinking that you've messed up so badly that God can't deliver you out of a thing. Let me put it another way, don't allow someone's outcome to cripple you from accessing your blessing of deliverance. It may have turned out one way from them, but it doesn't mean it will turn out that way for you. Let your life be led by the spirit of God and not your logic or someone else's.

"Remove the veil of shame, and let God cover you with his grace, and wrap you in his mercy and goodness."

I can testify that messy situations can cause you to mourn a thing that you lose in the process. I dare you to listen to what the Lord is saying, over believing what it looks like. Remove the veil of shame, and let God cover you with his grace, and wrap you in his mercy and goodness. Sit at his feet and bask in his knowledge of what is coming regarding your situation.

The promise still stands - great is his faithfulness towards us. The bible tells us, "He will never leave you nor forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6

Position yourself to be found in Christ Jesus and nothing else. Just because you're in mess doesn't mean you have to stay there or keeping adding to your demise. God is looking for people that will put their trust in him. God will not be mocked by your messy situation, but shall be glorified.

"It was my mess that taught me about his grace!"

Sooner than later, it's going to turn in your favor. Just like he did it for me, he is going to do it for you. It was less than a week that God gave me another car. He brought me out of a messy situation that I created for myself. I can preach the gospel that it was my mess that taught me about his grace!

Whatever you may be facing today, know that God recognizes our mess, addresses the matter with his grace and mercy, and doesn't treat us as our sins deserve. His promises are yes and amen!

I will say this, don't intentionally place yourself in messy situations expecting God to bring you out. Live by the spirit of God, depending on his power to not lead you into messy situations.

Oh, just to let you know... I found favor with the new dealership, got another used car and paid that car off in less than a year!

Please freely share about a messy situation that God has brought you out of in the comments!

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