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Love is a Verb

verb 1. a word used to describe an action.

Loving Christian Family

Often we see a lack on sincerity among us as women. Which makes us not trust each other and avoid cultivating healthy relationships. We are often not taught from a practical standpoint, #howto live in harmony daily. We put on the mask on Sunday's for the people, but on any given day we can't stand the idea of embracing, celebrating or mourning with another sister.

If we as women want to be more like Christ, we must love one another.

1. Never forming cliques to cast other women out.

2. Always clinging to what is good, right, pure and holy.

We as Christian women, must learn to respect each other. Respect our similarities but also our differences. I believe this is one of the things Paul was addressing in Romans 12:9-21

We can easily love our friends (our chosen people) but we find it challenging to love those that are different from us. We are to be the light through our spiritual fervor while serving the Lord and His people. Not thinking as ourselves better than the next woman. Learning to love beyond what we feel. Learning to love by the Holy Spirit that has been placed on the inside of each of us.

What happens if you encounter a mean sister? Because it happens...

Carefree Woman

You bless her with your...

1. beautiful spirit,

2. your warm embrace,

3. and your bright smile.

You are to never curse her with your words or gossip about her. You are to introduce Jesus through your loving actions. Remember love is verb. #loveinaction

When your sister in Christ is mourning. In her dry season of life, you are to be there for her. Comforting her through her suffering by being empathetic to the situation, praying for God to give you the words to say, praying of others that may be going through the same thing, and listening to her.

Love is a verb that must be acted upon in order for it to be effective.

Sister, are you willing to #loveinaction?

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