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It's Time to Plan Your Future

A sister in Christ, text me yesterday stating she hate she missed my event. She receives all her reminders for events from Facebook. I shared with her to use the planner I gave her this year.

The reason I shared this with her was based on my personal experience. I was overbooking appointments, missing deadlines or just forgetting what needed to be done. The vision to be successful was slowly slipping through my fingers because I had not written down the things I needed to accomplish.

I purchased a planner from and my entire life has changed for the better. I’m more organized, my vision is manifesting, and I making things happen. I can bloom in every season because I am utilizing my vision planner.

It’s not the planner that changes the trajectory of your future. It’s YOU! You becoming more organized so that you can be productive in your daily activities. It’s YOU, that must make the most of your time. Not becoming easily distracted.

It’s time to plan. AND get yourself a planner.

Hey! Even with a planner you may miss a few things on your to-do list. To be honest, I’ve missed a few things or had to cancel all together. But really, productivity is doing the right thing at the right time. Often, the right thing may be taking a break and resting your mind, body and soul. There may be things you have to put off until tomorrow or next week or next year.

Your schedule isn’t meant to be filled with things to do every moment you’re awake. Your schedule should allow you room to breathe and think. Your schedule should be filled with the things that will make an impact in your life and those around you.

I’m excited to see how your life changes by using a planner that will aid you in blooming where you are planted in this season.

#goalsetting #managingyourtime #clearvision #vision

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