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I am not the FIXER: A lesson on GRACE

You know better than anyone else.

AND-you know better for everyone else.

You see what other people can't see for themselves and you use this gift to tell them how to close the gap between where they are and where they could be.

This is so me. Especially with my children. Let's me be more specific - with my daughter that is in her senior year of high school. Seeing her grow up, make decisions on her own and blossom into a young lady is quite scary to me. It's a blessing but I lost a little control in the process because she no longer needs me to assist her as much.

Where she use to praise every word I said.

She doesn't think twice to listen to what I say. (She has it all figured out.) A typical teenager. I was once her but I often forget that.

By nature I'm a FIXER.

Is this you too?

It's not that we have bad intentions. In fact it - it couldn't be more opposite. We care. DEEPLY. And we'd rather not witness someone (those we love) struggle or suffer when we can see so clearly what he or she needs to stop doing.

The thing is though: When you automatically light other people's path with your sight, you forget that they have their own. And it takes away their ability to learn how to travel the narrow road that leads to life.

What if you practiced being with them wherever they are? Praying for them without stunting their personal and spiritual growth.

What kind of impact could you create? (for them and you) if you led with grace first? Allowing God to lead them to their promise land.

What would happen if you gave them the choice to hear your feedback or not and then, another choice to use it or not?

The part of me that plays FIXER is a gift in certain situations.

But the part of me that prays gracefully is too.

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