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How To Plan Your Day

This week has just begun but I found myself overwhelmed with a list of to-dos and realizing that most of the things that were on my list were based on someone telling me what to do (volun-told) or things I had said yes to that I should have gracefully declined.

…Have you ever been where I am?

The Lord laid on my heart to seek Him with intensive prayer and meditation before starting my day. Always consulting Him regularly throughout the day during my quiet time. We all have quiet moments but it’s how we use that down time. Jesus is instructing me in this season to spend it with Him – not scrolling through Facebook, calling my mom, checking my emails, etc.

Taking time to examine my own heart. We are so quick to spend time examining other’s hearts – mishaps, sin, dysfunction, etc. The Lord reminded me today I have my own issues that He is constantly convicting me of. The secrets of my heart must be brought under judgement so I can continue to pursue holiness and righteousness in the kingdom of God.

As I seek the Father in all I do I am staying spiritually fit to accomplish the roles and task that have been assigned to me each day.

It’s important to determine your priorities and prepare for each day. It may not turn out the way you always expect but at least you have a blueprint for what you hope to accomplish that day.

On Monday, I had planned my day the night before on the task I needed to complete. As I set forth to accomplish these things, I received unexpected news that a friend had been admitted into the hospital. I immediately put my to do list down and headed to the hospital to sit with her. People must always come before things. Especially something of this magnitude.

Within that same day, I had to spend time chatting with a mentee. We were on the phone for over an hour, but the time and energy invested into this relationship is always rewarding. I walk away encouraged and empowered from each conversation we have. I see her growth, but she encourages me to keep growing too.

Then there were my family obligations throughout the day – taking my son to the doctor or spending time with my husband as he explained his business venture. The Lord had to remind me to not lose family to my occupation or my many roles I carry outside the home.

In all I do, I must learn how to say no to every request that is presented for me to join a business venture or ministry, attend a networking event or conference, etc. Every opportunity isn’t my assignment and may not fit the plan for the ministry God has assigned to my life.

4 Guidelines to Plan Your Day

1. Schedule personal time with Jesus;

2. Schedule time with family;

3. Schedule time to work on business/career task; and

4. Schedule time to serve in ministries in the church and community involvement.

Lord let today be productive as I manage my time and resources. Allow me to sort out opportunities that come and move forward in the most effective task. Discipline me to write out my task before you and that I pray and arrange each task with importance and priority. In the name of Jesus, I do pray, Amen.

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