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How to Get Rid of Labels

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Hey Majestic Daughter! What’s happening?

For years I’ve been plagued with trying to understand who I am. Who am I? Is the question that has swarmed within my mind. Although most of the labels attached to me are positive in hindsight, there were deep rooted in my brokenness of the negative labels placed on me as a child.

If I could escape from my past and reinvent myself from who I use to be maybe people wouldn’t judge me as much. As I was becoming more, I thought I was suffering less. Until, I found myself not knowing who I truly was.

I discovered that some of the people connected to me were only there for what I could do for them and not genuinely present for who I am.

There are negative labels that can be associated with you that define your character. Then there are labels that can define our roles.

I had to get to a place that labels no longer defined who I was. I was not a product of my circumstances but my circumstances would become a product of me. I would be the one to stand flat footed in the midst of adversity and rise from a dry place because I not only know “Whose I Am” but I would truly know “Who I Am”

I am free today because I discovered who I am beyond the labels of my past. I reflected from within to find truth about who God says I am. At the core of who I am there is love. I am good and loved. I am valuable because God loves me. I don’t have to be anything or do anything to gain his love.

Write this down: God, not your labels, defines your life.

I no longer wanted to be limited by labels (titles) because I am more than that and I know I’m destined to evolve into more. I’m uncomfortable now with being put in a box, I’m BRAVE enough to get outside of the box and allow God’s plan to manifest.

Rediscovering who I am allowed me to see that I don’t completely fit into any one role. There are layers to who I am and who I am becoming.

I’ve learned to combat the negative lies the inner me was telling me so I could be free. For every negative word curse that comes my way I bind it and loose a positive word. It works, try it!

Allow me to reintroduce myself I AM Calandra M. Williams. Period.

Finish the sentence….

I AM __________________________

Sis, drop your feedback in the comments.

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