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How to Get From Your Current Level to Your Next Level

I realized late Friday evening that I hadn't created content for the next 2-weeks. I remember a couple of weeks ago, God telling me I have content already written, stop overthinking it. What he meant was I have tons of journals and even emails I have sent to myself with content that has never been published.

This is something a wrote a few years back, but it applies to the Bible study series he gave me for 2021, which is mind blowing. I hope this blesses you the way it blessed me reading it again!

We seem to focus more on the next level than the current level. However, if you don’t learn from your losses on your current level, you will mishandle the blessings on your next level.

Connections Matter. Who you’re connected to can hinder your growth. We must evaluate our connections to people and even things to ensure that this is what and who God wants us to be connected to in this season. #LevelUp

Speak on It. Are you killing your destiny with the negative words you release from your mouth? You may very well experience the next level, but maybe not in the magnitude that God intended for you. Start speaking faith and victory at your current level. #LevelUp

Ask God. To prevent from being left hanging–ask God to give you the provision for the promise. We can only get the facts about our right now and our future from Him. Ask God to speak to you - about you. #LevelUp

So, whether your current situation is pleasant, bad or indifferent, we can learn lessons from it, so that we can get to the next level and not mishandle the blessing.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think. How will you respond to your current level? How can you prepare for the next level?

It's happening...

Saturday, May 1st! I'm so excited to bring the word of God to his daughters. We are literally just days away! Register Here!

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