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How to Accomplish Your Goals for the Remainder of the Year

Oh wow…can you believe the year is already half over??? It’s just flying by. Before you know it, it’ll be Thanksgiving. This is a great time for us as women to take a step back and reassess how things are going in our lives. Are we accomplishing our goals? Overcoming our fears? Walking by faith?

Maybe you setbacks have caused you not to progress towards accomplishing your goals. Don’t feel bad, it happens to the best of us. Sometimes we need a fresh perspective and vision for the rest of the year. When I find myself in a rut with my goals. I pray for God to give me fresh wind, fresh fire and a new perspective. Try it, it works.

Your journey to the finish line doesn’t always look like what you expected. It can be a sprint and sometimes you will have to walk it out. Either way keep God first. As you are sprinting or walking, God is right there besides you. Sometimes He even has to carry us to the finish line. The vision he has placed on your heart is bigger than you. God will give you provision to fulfill your destiny.

It’s time to do a mid-year review of your accomplishments and setbacks. Celebrate your accomplishments thus far. Evaluate how to recover from he setbacks. Also, plan and prepare to finish this year strong. Let this moment revive you to look forward to what the rest of year has to bring.

Wait what about me? Maybe you didn’t set any goals for the new year. There is still time to get in the game. Set some goals and finish strong! Set some goals that will leave an impact on your family and ministry. Take some meaningful steps to achieve those goals.

Don’t just set any goal -set godly goals. Godly goals are achievable and manageable. But you must stay in alignment with the Father to achieve these goals. Aside from him you will fail.

Godly goals transform our lives and those around us. You must be intentional with plans that you set. Whatever vision that God gives you for your life – write it down. Don’t leave those ideas swirling in your head. It can get lost in the database of information that travels through your mind daily. The enemy has a way of distracting us from fulfilling our destinies if we allow it. The battle always begins in the mind. You have to write those God given ideas down so that you can stay focused on the promise.

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