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How I Chose to Honor, Today!

As I sat this morning realizing that this is Memorial Day, and pondered on what to share. I researched the meaning of Memorial Day. Why are businesses closed today? Why are my kiddos home? Why do we celebrate it?

Here is what I found. Memorial Day is the day to honor men and women who have died while serving with the US military.

Today, I ask you who are you honoring?

Honor is paying respect to others. Did you know you can pay honor through prayer?

Right now let us pray for those soldiers that have gone before us.

Today, I chose to honor those that have died in prayer. To not just make this day about grilling and family, and Netflix and chilling. But to recognize it for the day it is.

Let’s focus on the reason for the day and its importance. Without them, our world could be in a worsened condition.

Today, hits different for me because I want to reflect and appreciate their service throughout the day. To even teach my family to do the same.

I hope this blesses you on today!

Leave a comment and let me know how you are honoring fallen soldiers today.

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