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Juggling Spirituality and Motherhood: How to Spiritually Fast as a Christian Working Mom

Balancing work, motherhood, and faith can be challenging. But, can one truly achieve a state of spiritual fasting while dealing with the whirlwind of being a working mom? The answer is yes. If you've been pondering this question, "how to spiritually fast as a Christian when you're a working mom?", then you're in the right place.

This thought occurred to me while fasting on a Thursday. I wondered if working and taking care of children was effective while fasting. I realized that if I was struggling, other mothers were likely struggling as well.

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How to Spiritually Fast as a Christian Working Mom

Spiritual fasting for working mothers requires discernment, discipline, and dedication. Here we explore ways to achieve that while managing the demands of work and family.

Managing Time

One common challenge Christian working moms face when planning to fast spiritually is time. So how do you make time for God in your busy schedule? I can fast from food or even switch to the Daniel fast, but how do I make time to pray, read my word, and still take care of the kids while feeling like the fast was effective?

The answer lies in utilizing the little moments throughout the day. Whether it's praying on your commute, reading a Bible passage during lunch, or dedicating 15 minutes of quiet time before bed to communicate with God, incorporating such activities into your daily routine can significantly enhance your spiritual journey.

Fasting Techniques

A partial fast can include vegetables and fruit, while complete fasts consist of only water. To stay focused on God during your fast, limit distractions such as social media and TV that consume your time and attention. Fasting creates intentional space in your life to focus on God and seek His presence.

Lean on God’s Strength and Grace

Could the strain of being a working mom actually strengthen your spiritual fast? Absolutely! Whenever you feel overwhelmed, lean into God's strength. Remember, even if the demands of life seem to consume you, God's grace is sufficient.

Include Your Family

Can spiritual fasting be a family affair? Certainly! Try involving your children in your spiritual journey. For instance, share with them what fasting and prayer mean and encourage them to participate in their way. This not only strengthens your relationship with God, but it also fosters spiritual growth within your family as well.

I have decided to limit my toddler's device usage during our fasting days. Instead of allowing him to watch YouTube Kids, we enjoy nature together or I read scripture to him. It's important to find age-appropriate activities to engage children.

Be Consistent

Consistency is key in spiritual fasting. Even when juggling work and motherhood, it's crucial to develop a consistent routine in your walk with God. Stay committed to your spiritual disciplines, even when life gets tough.

Every Thursday, the Majestic Daughters Empowerment community fasts. This community of women provides accountability and consistency for living a fasted lifestyle.


In essence, learning how to spiritually fast as a Christian working mom involves balancing your work, family, and spiritual commitments. It’s not an easy feat, but certainly a rewarding one.

Never forget that, as a working Christian mom, your ability to nurture your spiritual life amidst your busy schedule can serve as a powerful testimony of your faith.

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