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Commit to the Gritty Process

Last week I was watching a sermon on YouTube and this statement came in my spirit, "Commit to the Gritty Process". I grabbed my notebook to write this down so I didn't forget it. If you know me, my mind is always racing and I will forget. After I jotted it down I began to really think about it in depth. I knew I needed to write a blog to share with others.

Are you ready to be empowered?

I didn't see this coming!

Take a moment to think back on a time that a storm came in out of the blue and wrecked your entire life. Maybe it's been awhile or maybe it was just last week. My storm was last week and the week before and it totally caught me off guard.

I mean I've been praying, reading the word, and fasting. So how did I miss the signs that something was coming to knock me off my feet. Did I not pray enough? Read enough? Fast enough?

Have you ever just asked the same or similar questions? You start to believe that you've done something wrong or that God is mad at you. Let me be frankly honest with you, storms don't always come because we did anything wrong or that God is punishing us. Sometimes it's just part of the process of walking through the gritty moments and appreciating God's grace to get through it.

"I just want the Grace not the Grit!"

Let's be honest with ourselves if we could get to our next minus the gritty moments, we would all sign up and live our best lives. But that's not how growth is measured nor is it how we grow. We grow when adversity comes and we learn how to master the storm without the storm mastering us.

Truth be told, there are times where the storm has mastered us. We stop believing, we're fearful, doubtful, filled with anxiety, impatient, etc. Then the Father steps in to shift our focus to look at the lesson in the storm.

What can we pull out of a gritty moment?

Here are a few things to pull out:

  1. We can still navigate in grit to get to grace;

  2. We can rest knowing Jesus got us;

  3. We can ask questions and still say, "But God I trust you!";

  4. We have the power to rebuke the storm;

  5. We can get up from that gritty place; and

  6. We can have perfect peace if we keep our minds stayed on Jesus.

We need faith and confidence in Jesus Christ to commit to the gritty processes of life. The grit is nothing but a test to measure growth and to catapult us into spiritual maturity. Gritty moments aren't created to kill us but to save us from ourselves and the hand of the enemy.

What do you mean by that? I hear you asking this in your spirit. What I mean is deliverance can come in various forms but one happens to be a storm. God will use a storm to deliver you out of self sabotage, hate, bitterness, anger, addiction, distractions, unforgiveness, etc. It allows us to have a self awareness that we need just a little more Jesus because of the gritty processes of life.

The next time a process looks gritty know that something amazing is about to emerge from that experience. One of those things is our ability to recognize God's amazing grace in the process of the grit!

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