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Built for the Storm

As a Preschool teacher I am constantly reminding the children of our daily tasks. Each morning we alternate the daily jobs among the kids, so everyone can get an opportunity.

Quite naturally there is going to be someone to yell out, “I didn't pick a job!” or “It’s my turn!” No matter how many times I go over the rules, one of the little kiddos will still become impatient.

I imagine God sees us in the same light. We all are here on earth chosen with a purpose, but how often do we forget the “rules”. By rules I mean the cycles in life. We are either in a storm, coming out of a storm, or about to head into a storm.

We know that storms come to make us strong, but what happens when we get lost in the storm because of our distorted view? We start looking at others and comparing our storms to theirs. We start getting impatient and questioning our value. We also lose our faith in the promises God made to us.

He died on the cross so that we can live life more abundantly. He didn't shed blood and tears for us to get caught up in what others have going on. What God has for each of us is only for us. Although we may all go through the storms in life, we don't come out the same. Our storms help shape us into who God created us to be.

The storm is what make us all unique. We are set apart according to our duties in the kingdom. We start fulfilling our duties by demonstrating our love for God by sharing the gospel of salvation to everyone.

Even during a storm we must trust God and continue doing everything in our power to be more like him. By being changed into his image, we are best prepared to battle the wind, rain, or sunshine. We sustain much confidence in our purpose. We start believing and are assured that no matter what may come my way, I am built for the season and it's okay that I am set apart.

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