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Battle for Happiness

I don't miss how it felt to constantly be on the defense to protect my happiness. You know, those times where you always feel like the world is out to get you and everyone wants to steal your happiness. When every little thing doesn't go our way we are MISERABLE!

Honestly, the happiness never really existed. We lie to ourselves about what happiness really is. We think if we just have a little more money or a better relationship or a fancier car/house or lose a few more pounds that we would be happier! 

Sometimes we think it's that "relationship" with a special someone...the "he treats me like a queen" one. But the minute it all goes south we are woe-is-me miserable again. Maybe, our happiness is in the weekly paycheck that pays all the bills and we still have "fun money". I don't know about you but that is a rare thing these days. If you do have it, it can be taken away in a matter of seconds..."you're fired". Well so much for being happy. Now you're broke.

Maybe the happiness is defined by the number of friends you have. Until you make the decision to better your life and they all split. So much for so called friends.

Let's review the score:

Everyone Else -10  /  You-0

At least that is how we feel when we lose our "happiness". However, true #happiness can never be lost.

True happiness is found only through Christ and your relationship with Him.

Here's the game plan...You can only find true happiness in one way.

True happiness is found only through Christ and your relationship with Him. It isn't about just saying your saved and going to church. Your actions, words, choices, and activity all effect the relationship and effect your life. Are you putting Him first in all things or are you treating Him like an annoying chore? Even the dishes have to be done but you grumble and complain the whole time and find any excuse not to do them! See what I mean. We will find any way to get out of what God expects of us! The entire time not even realizing that it will play a role in the outcome of our happiness.  

Are you reading the Bible and praying daily? I didn't think those two things were important. That it was something you only did if you "wanted" to. But the truth is, it is a matter of SURVIVAL just like breathing. Your Christian walk and faith will not survive without it.

Are you seeking His counsel and the counsel of Godly people when you are faced with an important decision? Or do you try to do it all on your own?

When you are seeking a mate do you make sure he is meeting Godly criteria or are you so afraid of being alone that you accept whatever comes along? Our hearts need to be guarded in so many ways. We often jump so fast to make a decision that it turns out to be the wrong one.

Why is that? It is because we are so focused on what we think will make us happy versus what the Lord has planned that will guarantee our happiness. We have to learn to wait on Him. Waiting is never easy. Trust me I know! I have the worse patience in the world. However, more recently the Lord has certainly worked in me to have more! I am thankful for it even though it has been a rough lesson! I have such peace and happiness even in the midst of trials. So can you!

When you do these things you will begin to see that your self-worth and #happiness can only be found in the Lord. You won't feel like the whole world is against you. Having this freedom feels wonderful. Don't remain caught in the web of lies Satan tells that your #happiness is found through worldly possessions and relationships. Seek Christ and His love will set your free. 

I suppose you could compare it to childhood happiness before we had every worry of the world on our shoulders. When we just enjoyed the sunshine or playing in the puddles after the rain! I don't know about you but that always made me happy! With the Lord you can be happy in the sunshine or the rain!

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