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A Call to Action: Intercessory Prayer

Updated: Mar 29

Are you an intercessor? Do you feel a call to pray for those in need? If so, you may have wondered when, where, and how you realized you had this call. You may also have wondered when you first realized that the Lord answers prayer and when you first understood that God does not always answer our prayers as we desire.

In this blog post, we will look at three things every intercessor should know: the discovery of their call, the realization that God answers prayer, and the understanding that God does not always answer our prayers as we desire.

Read on to learn more!

"When was the moment of realization that I am an intercessor and where did it occur?"

It is imperative to understand the role of an intercessor - someone who advocates for others through prayer. (Smith 1) Prayer is a profound act of faith, where the intercessor believes that God will fulfill their petitions for the person they are praying for.

When I was questioned about when, where, and how I realized I was an intercessor, I delved deep into my memory, but there was no one defining moment. However, during the Women's Prayer Revival last year at Grace Community Church North Dallas, Pastor T. Renea Glenn laid her hands on me and warned me against getting cocky because I knew how to pray through. This statement compelled me to read Mother Elizabeth Juanita Dabney's book, "What It Means to Pray Through."

God has positioned me as an intercessor to stand up for so many individuals. I have seen Him overturn situations when I didn't even know how to express myself, but my prayers have been answered, and the person received favor. Indeed, being an intercessor is a privilege and a responsibility, and I am honored to have this calling!

Set your sights on the scriptures and unveil the mighty intercessor, known as Elijah!

And he stretched himself upon the child three times, and cried unto the LORD, and said, O LORD my God, I pray thee, let this child's soul come into him again. (1 Kings 17:21)

The compelling part of this passage is how Elijah turned to the Lord for answers, instead of giving into fear or attempting to solve the problem himself. He brought the boy to his room and fervently prayed, asking God the very question that weighed heavily on his heart. Elijah persisted in prayer until the Lord answered, for he understood firsthand the struggle of waiting for a response. He boldly pleaded with the Lord, stretching himself over the child three times and crying out, "O Lord my God, please let this child's life return to him!" We may think the miracle is solely the restoration of the child's life, but in truth, the awe-inspiring aspect is how Elijah recognized the power of God.

WHEN and WHERE was it that I, PERSONALLY, had my FIRST realization that the Lord indeed ANSWERS prayers?

I had my faith in God's ability to answer prayers affirmed when I accepted Christ over the weekend of 5/10/2014. It was during this tough time that I struggled with the repossession of my car, but I never looked back after accepting salvation. That weekend saw me earnestly commune with God like never before, and while I didn't receive the car I prayed for, I witnessed the hand of God move in my life for the better as I made more practical requests. Despite my past mistakes, God restored me, revealing Himself through His grace and mercy. Colossians 3:1-2 calls on us to fix our hearts and minds on things heavenly, leaving behind all earthly concerns.

Without a doubt, I am confident that prayer is the key to receiving a divine strategy from God for maneuvering through earthly situations, just like the one I faced with my car.

WHEN and WHERE did it OCCUR to ME for the FIRST TIME that God does NOT grant our prayers in the way that WE want?

I remember a time when I prayed with faith for the healing of a young lady's stepdad. I believed wholeheartedly that he would get out of that hospital bed. However, to my dismay, he soon passed away. At that moment, it felt like my prayer had fallen on deaf ears. But it was only later, after years of waiting and seeking God, that I came to understand that He had answered my prayer - just not in the way I expected.

This experience taught me a valuable lesson about the power of waiting on God and trusting in Him completely. Even when the answer to our prayers is "no" or "wait", we must have faith that God is working all things out for our good. We cannot always lean on our own understanding, but instead, we must submit to Him and trust that He will guide our paths.

So, I say with boldness and confidence that we must trust in the Lord with all our hearts. We must not be discouraged by His silence, but rather, we must wait patiently in His presence, knowing that He has something better in store for us. Let us hold fast to the promise of Proverbs 3:3-5, trusting in the Lord with everything we have and allowing Him to make our paths straight.

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