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7 Tips to Level Up Your Prayer Life

I grew up Baptist and used to hear the prayers of the deacons during Sunday devotion. Man, did they pray long! I know their knees had to be hurting. But somehow they never got tired of praying.

I remember thinking to myself, I can’t pray like that. So, when it was children’s Sunday, you know what I prayed, the Lord’s Prayer. It was simple, straight to the point and only lasted about a minute tops.

I know some of you can relate!

Today, I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you I no longer think I can’t pray like that deacon I witnessed so many years ago. The truth is through much continuous prayer and training I learned to level up my prayer life just like the old folks.

Here are my 7 Tips to Help You Level Up Your Prayer Life:

1. Set a timer

Give yourself time to step into the presence of God through prayer. Don't rush the process of prayer. Tap in, then tap in some more to his power. It's rewarding to feel his glory!

2. Focus & exposure

As you tap into his power, be open to God changing your focus point of your prayer. You may start out praying for one thing and he shifts it to another thing. He may just adjust or realign you to bring exposure to what he wants to do in you and through you. Tap in, then accept what's happening in the moment.

3. Share a prayer

Remind your friends and family to pray at all times. Even invite them to pray with you. Ya'll tap in together and keep tapping until you feel his glory.

4. Change happens now

Don't wait to capture the right moment to pray. For instance, waiting until you memorize scripture, or your words are elegant like others you've heard pray. Tap in with the level of faith that he has given you. Make heaven move with your prayer.

5. Create space

Choose a place that is quiet and with minimal to no distractions. So you can experience the full effect of his presence.

6. See the details

Prayer is the secret place to see who you are and who he wants you to become. It's the place that you discover where he wants to take you and other life details.

7. Write it out

Journal your prayer sessions with God. Always keep a journal and pen handy during prayer just in case, God releases a prophetic word that you don't want to forget.

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