6 Tips to Inspire You to Read Your Bible

A few years ago, I had this hunger to learn more about God. I had just rededicated my life to Christ and wanted to grow deeper in him. Before Christ (B.C.) I loved reading romance novels and self-help books. I heard God say, "Don't read another book until you read my word."

Guess what I did? Kept reading Steve Harvey books...NOPE! I grabbed the bible and started with the book of Matthew. I fell in love with reading God's word. It intrigued me to where I couldn't stop. Reading the bible is inspiring and empowering. Many of the stories are legit reality tv for our modern times. It's a great tool to use!

Anyhow... Check Out These 6 Tips to Inspire You to Read Your Bible:

Don't be afraid to share some of yours with me, okay!