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6 Tips to Inspire You to Read Your Bible

A few years ago, I had this hunger to learn more about God. I had just rededicated my life to Christ and wanted to grow deeper in him. Before Christ (B.C.) I loved reading romance novels and self-help books. I heard God say, "Don't read another book until you read my word."

Guess what I did? Kept reading Steve Harvey books...NOPE! I grabbed the bible and started with the book of Matthew. I fell in love with reading God's word. It intrigued me to where I couldn't stop. Reading the bible is inspiring and empowering. Many of the stories are legit reality tv for our modern times. It's a great tool to use!

Anyhow... Check Out These 6 Tips to Inspire You to Read Your Bible:

Don't be afraid to share some of yours with me, okay!

1. Make reading a habit

Set a daily goal and read the Holy Bible. Level up your reading by tapping in for a new level of understanding, inspiration and motivation.

2. Track your reading

Keep track of what you want to read next. While reading one scripture of passage, think about another scripture of passage you want to read next.

3. Go to bed reading

Read the word while you're preparing for sleep and set aside a certain amount of time to read at night.

4. Ask for it

Before you read the scriptures, ask God to open the eyes of your heart. Then tap into understanding the scriptures.

5. Share the experience

You can read the bible with family and friends using the Bible app. Tap a friend or family member and invite them on the journey to grow in Christ.

6. Highlights and notes

Highlight the text that stands out to you. Even take notes on that passage of scripture.

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