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50 Bloom Daily Planners Donated to Majestic Daughters Empowerment

How does such a collaboration happen for a nonprofit that just launched in the first quarter of 2018? Honestly, hard work and determination. We have sought out opportunities to partner with the organizations to meet the needs of the minority women in the North Texas area.

Thanks to the Lauren Hess the Director of New Business Development for Bloom Daily Planners for approving sponsorship for Majestic Daughters Empowerment. They have graciously donated 50 planners for our May 5th empowerment workshop.

Success doesn't happen overnight; it takes hard work and determination.

We are excited to know that each woman that attends our Breaking Point: Changing Directions workshop will walk away empowered to set her goals and execute a plan to be successful in who she has been called to be. We not only want to teach, but also want to provide the tools necessary for the women to be successful. What better way than giving ach woman a planner to write the vision and make it plain.

Buy Now!

Hop right over to Bloom Daily Planners and grab you a planner, office supplies, and so much more! There mission is all about empowering women to be the best version of themselves the power of organization.

We couldn't agree more! A well organized life brings so much peace and balance to your life that you can't help but to soar and reach new heights in life.

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