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3 Tips to Do More With Your Daily Tasks

After birthing my son in December 2020, I just knew I was going to bounce back immediately to doing and being who and what I did before. But when I tell you, it was nothing like I expected.

I was in a place of trying to figure out how this was going to work. I needed to find the balance in serving in my home without experiencing burnout.

Through much prayer and extending grace to myself to embrace the new season I was in - I learned to just rest in Jesus. Trusting God to guide my day so that I could do more with my daily tasks by partnering with him, instead of trying to do it alone.

Have you ever been there? Maybe you are there now.

This is going to bless your soul!

Here are my 3 Tips to Do More With Your Daily Tasks:

1. Multitask with God

Get things done by partnering with God. Living a spirit led life. For example, say "Heavenly Father, I need your help today to complete the tasks before me."

2. Find peace with God

You can ask the Father to teach you how to have peace under pressure; a peace that surpasses all understanding. For example, "Lord, show me how to manage my activities and locations I have to go today."

3. Mute your calendar

To keep from depleting your energy, and opening yourself up to unnecessary spiritual warfare, mute your calendar so you can reset and revamp in prayer. Make your requests known to God.

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