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Our Story

Majestic Daughters Empowerment was founded in January 2018 by Calandra M. Williams. Calandra felt an unction from God and embarked upon the journey of empowering women and girls. Calandra and her core team are dedicated to seeing women and girls reach their full potential. 


Through Majestic Daughters Empowerment programs women and girls can experience transformation by breaking free of fear, insecurities, apprehensions and lies. As women and girls transform the Holy Spirit will blow away the useless things in their lives that no longer serve a purpose. God will give you beauty for ashes. 

Our Mission

Majestic Daughters Empowerment mission is to empower women and girls to discover their true beauty and power in God. We strive to create inviting experiences through our various events–including bible study, workshops, conferences, and our teen mentoring program.

  "He will give a crown of beauty for ashes (Isaiah 61:3 NLT)."

Our Vision 

Majestic Daughters Empowerment goal is to enhance spiritual growth for women and girls to discover their inner beauty and power. We will host bible studies, conferences, and mentoring sessions for women and girls to develop confidence in their God given gifts and talents. Majestic Daughters Empowerment strives to be a model for other women's ministries and a resource for women and girls. 

Our Values

1. To inspire, support and challenge women and girls to Build God's Kingdom.
2. To provide a framework for women and  girls to have a healthy expression and balance of the vision to Build God's Kingdom.
3. To encourage women and girls in their relationships, spiritual life and giftedness, ministry and outreach to Build God's Kingdom.

the founder



Calandra M. Williams experienced much childhood trauma. “I thought I was created to be abused,” says Calandra, “God transformed me from the brokenness, the fatherless experience, sexual abuse,  domestic abuse and gave me a story to share with other women and girls of how to rise above adversity and evolve into who God created them to be.  

Calandra rededicated her life to Christ in 2014, has never looked back to her own life but appreciates her growth in Christ and the countless opportunities she’s been given to Build God's Kingdom. 

She has answered the call of God to launch this fantastic organization, Majestic Daughters Empowerment. She felt a tug on her heart to create an organization that would empower women and girls within her community by empowering them to discover their true beauty and power in God. Calandra is also a businesswoman; owner of Truth Written Enterprises

Alongside her husband, Culus Williams II, Calandra is the co-leader of Grace Cares Ministry at their local assembly Grace Community Church North Dallas. Together they have four beautiful children and enjoy family time. 

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