We are SO excited to announce the launch of our new program for Majestic Girls!

North Texas Majestic Daughters is excited to announce the launch of Majestic Girls Mentoring and Enrichment program!

This 8 month program is for girls ages 14-18 and will launch this Fall for the 2018-2019 academic school year for DISD. We will be partnering with local campuses to enrich the lives of young girls in our urban communities.

We are proud to offer group sessions and 1:1 mentoring sessions if needed. We are focusing on impacting the lives of our teen girls and providing them a sense of community to thrive.

The Founder Director, Calandra Williams is overjoyed to offer new services and opportunities to better the Oakcliff community. The success of the organization depends on people believing in the vision and supporting the cause. She has been connected to powerful individual sin Dallas that are pushing her to greatness because they do see the need for the organization.

Learn more about our Programs Curriculum here

Contact us at info@majesticdaughtersempowerment.com for more information on these programs and participation.

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