Show Up For Your Friends

Don't forget to show up for your friends

They will be there when you need someone to depend on

Friendships are about reciprocation

Be that friend that's in formation

As it is on your friend biggest days

That they will remember you did whatever you could to make your presence made

Whether its a graduation, baby shower, wedding, new job, or house

Celebrate in their accomplishment and don't be a mouse

As I reflect on my friends that I am connected with

I can't help but thank God for the people he has blessed me with

God gave me some friends that will force me to sit

and think of my actions

my thoughts 

my ways

my purpose 

my next moves

my friends don't allow me to show up in this world by being a fool

No matter what goes on in this life

I am thankful and happy to show up for my friends

As they are Gods gifts to me until the end

This life is not meant to be lived alone

Seek God and allow him to show you who should sit on your throne. 

Godly relationships are the best

Seek God and he will show you the rest

Remember when its from God it is not forced

All him to be the source 

And when your relationships are God sent

You will be able to live life and be content

Don't forget to show up for your friends

For they should be the one that only God recommends

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