Elevation Comes Through Identification

The pagan world teaches us that what we look like and who we are connected to determines how successful we are. This is particularly true. However, for believers I beg to differ. It’s not just any connection, it’s being connected to Jesus Christ. 

Sometimes the connection with others causes a distance between us and God because those person’s voices are louder than our Heavenly Father and that should not be. They have more influence than him. We may start out like this or even shift to this but we have to be willing to self evaluate ourselves to prevent from identifying with others before we embrace connecting to the Father. 

What’s your plan for elevation in this season of your life? 

Even as a believer, I believe we should plan to stay on the right track for spiritual wholeness. Life has a way of directing your path, but you have to keep things in proper perspective and plan. 

I know in this season I have to be intentional about spending time with God. With motherhood and ministry colliding, I have to make sure I pray often, read my word, or a devotional to stay connected with God. Through this intentionality I have seen much spiritual elevation that has manifested in the physical. Through various opportunities that I didn’t even feel qualified for. 

The plan you create always should start with prayer. You are partnering with God to plan your day. Allowing him to draw out the plan and him leading the way. You need his guidance as you navigate through the highs and lows. 

Whatever you pass through, know that he is with you. He will expose and reveal the things that need to be addressed as you follow him. 

Maybe you’ve left your identification on the table; meaning you left God to pursue your own thing. It’s time to switch ownership and put God back on the throne of your heart. Not having him there causes unnecessary problems. You encounter issues trying to elevate because God’s not in it. He’s not in the smallest details. I get it...you got the vision but tried to leave him out of it. It doesn’t work like that. He will halt your plans to save your soul. 

Get back in alignment with God so you can launch what he gave you. 


Here’s my testimony of how I launched Majestic Daughters in 2018 and left God out of it and what happened next…

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