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Don't fight the Process

As a little girl growing up in the projects, we would sit and talk about the things we aspired to be and accomplish when we became adults. Family vacations weren't your typical trips to the beach, Disney world, or even Busch Gardens. My family vacations consisted of going to a local pool, having a cookout, or visiting family in another city.

The strength of my mother being a single parent of four made life seem clear and bearable. She was my hero in a sense of always making things happen. When I was about 6 or 7 years old, she came home excited to tell us we were moving to another side of town and finally getting us out of the projects.

I was very excited, but unsure of how life would be in a whole new setting. During the time we stayed in the projects, it never felt like we were living in poverty. My mother made sure we didn't attach that to our identity. It wasn't until we moved that I realized how poor we really were. It wasn't until I heard the people in my new neighborhood tell me, “I was from the ghetto.” Hearing that made me feel like I was at the bottom of the barrel. I was looked down upon because of where I came from.

My dreams became hopeful thoughts. I started doubting myself throughout school and into adulthood. I started seeking validation before I accepted it as my truth. Since swallowing that big pill of truth, I am much more confident in my ability to stand out in the world. I am proud of where I've come from because it has made me who I am.

I am enjoying the simple things in life. I am grateful my mother instilled great values that I can now live and pass on to others. Life isn't about where you live, material things, or even how much money you can spend going different places. Life is about spreading love, joy, and living on purpose. Those precious gems are worth far more than anything.

The dreams I had when I was a little girl are now attainable. One of the biggest lessons I learned from this experience is whatever you set your mind out to do and it's in the will of God, it will happen. Nobody can take what God has given you away. Even when people tell you that you are out of your mind, do it anyway. Sometimes you have to do it scared.

It doesn't matter where you came from. Your purpose has your name on it. God knows the plans he have for you. He is waiting on you to shift your mind, by letting go of past hurt, fear, and trauma. He knows what you need before you even need it. Trust in his plan! We have to be like Moses and be a hero of faith. Moses didn't care what others had to say. He heard God's voice and answered unto his name.

Today, I challenge you to put away whatever is holding you back from pursuing your God given purpose. Totally surrender to his perfect will, ask God to place you right where you need to be. Don't be afraid. You lack nothing, use what he already placed in you. The time is NOW!

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