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We’re on a mission to help empower minority women to positively impact their community.

We’re on a mission to help empower minority women to positively impact their community.

At North Texas Majestic Daughters Empowerment, we have envision a society in which minority women thrive with confidence in every area of their life, resulting in an enhanced quality of life for themselves, and he community in which they will serve. Our mission is to provide minority women with information, skills, resources, and community through one on one monitored mentoring sessions, along with structured, monthly enrichment activities.

Did you know that black women are the head of 29 of all black households? This households lack a male figure that is present to aid the woman in day to day responsibilities such as managing a household and caring for the children. It’s evident something needs to be done and that where we can help.

We’ve created a twelve month enrichment program which consist of the women (mentees) being paired with a mentor during the duration of the program. The mentees will also attend the monthly empowerment workshops consisting of topics on financial literacy, team building, self-awareness, etiquette, and community service, etc.

We’ve helped 50+ minority women in Dallas County and surrounding areas since we launched the first quarter of 2018. But we are determined to reach at least 125 women by 2019.

Empowering minority women is a vital part of social and economic development in urban communities in North Texas. We can’t do this alone. With your help, we can connect with lives of even more women who need our help.

Majestic Daughters Empowerment 

Majestic Daughters Empowerment is a thriving nonprofit organization, providing mentorship, a safe place, and networking opportunities for women and girls to discover their true beauty and power.  


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