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A Vision Greater than Fear

We all hit those moments where we feel overwhelmed and not sure how to just pick up our feet to keep stepping in the right direction. Sometimes it seems to happen for no apparent reason. Those around us may make us feel like nothing we do matters or our hard work is pointless. Most of the time it isn't those around us that makes us feel that way, it is what is inside of our own thoughts that make us feel that way. I have struggled for years with feeling like no matter what I did or how hard I worked it didn't matter because nothing ever changed. What I have come to realize is that 99% of the time I wasn’t working hard enough and I wasn't working hard on the right thing. I was putting my focus in the wrong areas and on the wrong things. Sometimes, this issue still arises and I must fight through it. If we want things to change then we must have a clear vision and then set out towards that vision with intentional action. Nothing happens "by chance" or "by luck". If you want it, then you have to make it happen. This goes for every single aspect of life: finances, relationships, health, and your walk with God. It is not as simple as just thinking or dreaming about what you want then maybe doing things here and there that you hope will get you there. All that does is make you a dreamer.

Vision is a conscious and intentionally constructed plan to create the end result that you want. It is not a few pictures or a few lines written on paper. Vision is not just about gaining all you can for yourself, it is also about what impact you can leave on others. Without others your vision is pointless, you can’t achieve anything in life without the involvement of someone else. No, they aren’t responsible for making your vision happen but other people do have an impact on your vision or are the reason for your vision. They can also be the ones who try to destroy your vision and take you on a completely different path you belong on. Many become a negative impact without even knowing that they are because you allow the words they say to leave a mark. Or maybe your past has caused you not even be able to create a clear vision of what you want. Over the years I have faced many different situations that left me not knowing what I wanted, I just knew I wanted things to change. I could not stand where I was and I was miserable. I felt choked out. I have come to learn that I was not equipped to make anything any better. I had it in me, but I didn’t know how to reach it. Like a lot of people, I would just keep “hoping, wishing, praying” for things to change. Don’t get me wrong, hoping and praying are good things but they are pointless without action. “Faith without works is dead.”

You can dream as much as you want for free but there is a price to pay to make it a reality. Along with vision comes sacrifices, refinement, change, obstacles, and overcoming those obstacles. Your vision will challenge you. It is whether or not your willing to keep pushing forward that matters. You must be willing to do what you have never done before. I love this quote from John C. Maxwell “You must have a vision that is greater than your fear.” Does your vision include something so important that no matter what fear or negativity comes along, you are willing to step over it and keep going?

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