6 Ways to Get Yourself Unstuck

It’s easy to lose momentum when your goals are constantly going unmet. Maybe you're distracted by other things or even people. Maybe you procrastinate way too much. Fear can also cause us to be stuck in a rut. We become afraid to catapult forward in new dimensions.

Change is inevitable in this life. If you’re a visionary like me, you constantly have to surround yourself with positive affirmations, positive people and a whole lot of faith and prayer to keep pushing even when you feel like giving up.

Try these six strategies when you feel stuck:

1. Shake up your routine. Routines are comfortable places for many of us to reside. Routines become boring and it’s the quickest way to lose momentum when you are gifted with the spirit of creativity. You have to shake up your norm and bring some excitement into your life.

2. Connect with inspiring people. Hang around other people that are positive and that have a different perspective as you. It makes you look at the world differently and challenges you to create more and more. Inspiring people often inspire you to be open to endless possibilities of creativity, motivating you to stay focused to change the world around you.

3. Find ways to motivate yourself. Who can motivate you better than anyone else? The answer should be yourself. In this world, you have to be your biggest cheerleader. When your back against the wall and you feel defeated. You motivate yourself to continue to show up and be the best you can be. Affirming yourself to never up or give out.

4. Get enough rest. I can’t stress enough. One the tactics of the enemy is to cause physical, mental and spiritual exhaustion. Rest allows your mind, body and soul to rejuvenate which fuels your creativity in your mind and clarity in your thinking. This is small change can impact your life greatly and will push you out of the rut.

5. Find your purpose. What makes you feel alive? It’s more than your job, marriage, kids, etc. What are you passionate about? Whatever that is keep that as the center focus of why you jump out of bed every morning. Your life purpose should inspire you to be the best version of you each and every day.

6. Say, No. There is so much power to saying no to things that don’t align with your purpose. You don’t have you take on every project, assignment or attend every event. Decline the offer in a nice and professional manner. Stay focused on what you are called to do in life.

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