Majestic Princess

Pre-teens Course

Ages 10-13


Majestic Princess Pre-Teens Course is a 8 week course designed to enable our pre-teen girls to reach their fullest potential by equipping, educating and empowering them through participant in various activities and settings which will aide in cultivating their gifts and talents.


Our programs are created to build self-confidence/self-esteem, healthy friendships, self-care, etiquette, communication skills, and healthy eating choices.  We hope to cultivate creative environments were girls can evolve physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually.

This 8 week course starts every two months - January, March, May, July, September, and November. 

All sessions will be held as small  group setting of a maximum of 10 girls to create a safe and intimate environment and to provide a sense of community. One on one sessions are available to pre-teen girls if needed.  

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Mentoring Makes a Difference 

"Mentoring women and girls is more than a hobby, it’s my purpose and passion to see others thrive and build an empire here on earth."

-Calandra M. Williams

Majestic Daughters Founder 

the Majestic Princess Program 

Program Description

week 1 

beau·ti·ful YOU Be confident and happy with the skin you’re in;

week 2 

de·ci·sion MAKING Understand how to make the right the choice in positive and negative situations;

week 3 

friend·ship POWER Building happy and healthy friendships; 

week 4 

lead·er·ship LIKE A GIRL Ensure your leadership skills make a positive impact on others your lead;

week 5 

pos·i·tive GIRL TALK Feel confident in affirming who you are and who you are becoming;

week 6 

bod·y IMAGES Being confident with the reflection you see in the mirror;   

week 7 

val·ue YOU & OTHERS Recognizing your gifts and talents and seeing those gifts in those around you;   

week 8

take CARE OF YOU Becoming aware of self-care and the importance of it.