Majestic Girls Mentoring & Enrichment 

Ages 11-17

Majestic Girls Mentoring and Enrichment is an 8-month program designed to equip, educate and empower teen girls with the skills to be confident and make healthy choices. Our programs are created to build self-confidence/self-esteem, etiquette, financial literacy, preparation for college, communication skills, healthy relationships, and leadership skills. We hope to cultivate creative environments where girls can evolve physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually.

Dear parent/guardian, we know since the day your daughter was born into the world, you had hopes and dreams of her becoming someone great.  

You want her to be self-sufficient, smart, responsible, helpful, and compassionate. 

As much as you love your daughter, there is always a fear of the unknown. We totally understand!

What’s next? 

You want her to be confident, embrace her uniqueness, and be a world changer. 

You also want her to graduate from high school, go off the college, land a great job or be her own boss. 

She can do what you have hoped and prayed for by surrounding her with mentors that will equip her with the life skills she needs to be successful in today’s world.


You pave her way to success!

You want the best for your daughter, you realize that you can’t do it alone. You need a community of women to help empower your daughter to be great!

Take the next step!

the most important thing a girl wears is her confidence -unknown

The 8-month program will launch September through April of the current academic school year calendar. 

All sessions will be held as a group to have a more significant impact and to provide a sense of community. One on one sessions is available to teen girls if needed.  

Our focus:

Establish clear and concise goals;

Inspire to maximize on their opportunities;

Empower through practical and spiritual teaching;

Motivate  to maintain focus on their goals; and

Guide towards success that yields positive outcomes.

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Majestic Girls  Enrichment Program

Program Description


Theme: Mirror on the Wall

Topic: Self-Love & Confidence  


This session is about teaching girls to embrace their beauty and provide an opportunity for them to explore their personal experiences of body image issues. 

The goal is for the girls to leave empowered to promote self-love and confidence by teaching them to internalize healthy ideas about themselves. 



Theme: It's a Girls World

Topic: Stop Bullying ​

This session teaches girls ways to identify bullying and how to stand up to it safely. 

We are committed to getting to the root of this crisis by providing practical and spiritual tools to defuse the situation and cultivate a loving environment for girls to thrive. 

Learning Objectives:

Define bullying and mean girl behavior.

Discuss the impact of bullying.

Discuss how differences (gender, generational, social) can affect the perception of bullying behaviors.


Theme: Girls Leadership Swag 

Topic: Finding Your Voice  

This session will equip the girls with the skills to recognize their own inner voice. Teaching them to build their communication and leadership skills for success. The focus is to empower the girls to embrace their unique stories and to develop their confidence.  


Theme: After High School Comes

Topic: Higher Education 

This session is designed to provide information and guidance about the entrance requirements, the application process and how to finance their college education. 

The focus is to empower the girls to pave their way into their future for college successfully. 


Theme: Goal Setting with the Girls 

Topic: Decision Making 

This session will empower the girls to learn how to be disciplined in setting goals and become determined in achieving their dreams. 

The purpose of this session is to help the girls better understand how to achieve their goals. 




Theme: Break the Cycle 

Topic: Healthy Teen Relationships

This session will equip teen girls with the necessary tools for developing healthy relationships. 

The focus is to break the cycle of abusive relationships and help them identify red flags of abuse. 

Learning Objectives:

Self-concept of understanding relationships

Defining healthy relationships

Identification of Abusive Relationships & Setting Boundaries



Theme: Girl Talk 

Topic: Etiquette Training 

This session is designed for girls to have an opportunity to learn table etiquette and social manners. 

The focus is to cultivate a shining star in a professional setting. 


Theme: Money-Smart Girls 

Topic: Financial Literacy 

This session will help the girls develop solid money skills that will build their financial confidence and knowledge to achieve their dreams. 

The focus is to provide practical tools to empower them to build a better financial future. ​

Learning Objectives: 

Basics of money

Understand the value of money

Developing the right money habits 

Course Dates: September - April 

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