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I'm Calandra.

We empower women to discover their true beauty and power in Jesus, themselves, and the community. We are a Christian organization dedicated to helping women grow spiritually, mentally, and emotionally so they can lead fulfilling lives. 


He makes beauty out of your ashes. Isaiah 61:3

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Hey there

Are you ready to discover your true beauty and power in Jesus?

Here at Majestic Daughters Empowerment, sometimes all it takes to discover your potential is a little support. Since our founding in 2018, I’ve committed to building God’s kingdom. My efforts are to bring awareness to the beauty and power within each of God’s daughters. Through my purpose, I hope to help women unlock their hidden potential. 

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Imagine being able to know who you are and your potential.

You know you are somebody, but everything within you says you are nobody. There's an inner war within you competing with the seeds of ideas in you, and you feel uncomfortable sitting with the wealth of potential lying dormant. 


Your inability to show up is robbing the world of your gifts and talents. It would help if you decided today to tap into the resources locked within you. I aim to partner with you to discover and release the treasure of greatness within you. 

-Calandra M. Williams

Your discovery process will require you to uncover the ashes and find the beauty in it all. 

Here's how you can discover more.

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Mentorship Cohort

A program designed to offer support to empower you to unlock your potential individually and collectively with other women. 


Breathe Again Bible Study

We are a community of women discovering the Word of God through the Bible to mature in Christ spiritually. 

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Breathe Again Conference

Breathe Again is curated for every woman who needs to experience a new life & restoration, both physically and spiritually.

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Are you ready to discover your real potential? 


Buried potential means problems in the world are unsolved because you choose to stay hidden. I’ve been in the place of doubting if I was good enough to be used by God. The answer was in my decision to surrender my life to Jesus. When I did, I discovered my potential and started believing I was more than enough. 

I am very humbled and blessed to attend the Bible study. Thank you! I’m always blown away by what God does for me through you and the women surrounding you.

Hannah Anthony

Hannah Anthony - Majestic Daughters Empowerment Attendee
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let's discover

Are you ready to take that first step to discover your true beauty and power?

The enemy lives to minimize, nullify, and destroy your potential. He doesn’t want you to discover who you are because you then become a threat to his kingdom. The fundamental principle to finding yourself is to find the God in you. 

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